About Our Stores

Bang-On T-Shirts began in 1999 with our first retail store in Vancouver. The concept: a retro style custom t-shirt shop with plenty of cool transfers and t-shirts. Our customers love the way they can mix and match and personalize their t-shirt in any way they want.

Bang-On offers the ultimate t-shirt buying experience. First, you can choose from hundreds of designs all displayed neatly in fun-to-flip books. Then, you decide what style, size, and color of shirt you want. By adding custom letters and numbers, the shirt can be personalized even more! When all your choices have been made, you get to watch while your t-shirt is pressed before your eyes.

After opening three stores and taking Vancouver by storm, we decided to introduce the Bang-On concept to the rest of the world. The response was amazing! Bang-On T-Shirts brick-and-mortar stores are now available from Australia to Europe and everywhere in between.

In addition to our stores, Bang-On shirts are also available in select specialty shops around the world.